Sold Mark Kane Dumble Overdrive Special with Dumblator tube loop


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Most of you have heard of Forum member Mark Kane - he is a well-respected amp builder and repairman, best known for his Trainwreck and Dumble circuit amps. Mark custom-made this Overdrive Special for me, 50W version. I got to select the grillcloth & tolex, among other things. This was in 2015, and I'm just not playing as much as I used to, so time to move it on.

The Dumble Overdrive Special circuit is best known through SRV, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Santana...the list goes on. The circuit is extremely flexible, all the while providing a stellar tone that is unbelievably rich and laden with harmonics.

Clean notes literally bloom as you strike them. As you add some gain or change channels to the Overdrive channel, you have literally SEVEN different controls on the amp and Dumblator to shape your tone and gain choices...just a wonderfully rich tone palette with all shades from clean to scream.

BTW, the Dumblator is an external, tube-buffered loop box. You can use the loop for effects, or you can use the tube stages as gain stages on their own. There are also two separate Bright switches. The box adds some sparkle/richness to the amp on its own.

Footswitch allows for kicking in the Overdrive stage or adding a MidBoost.

These amps sell for around $4,000 new (with Dumblator), mine is $3,000 shipped. I'll look at trades up or down, plus or minus cash.

Untitled by joelavely, on Flickr

Untitled by joelavely, on Flickr

Untitled by joelavely, on Flickr

Untitled by joelavely, on Flickr

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