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Maroon 5 stage rigs?


Any pics? I had a hard time searching the forum since "rig", and "5" couldn't be used. I tried "maroon gear", but ended up with a ton of stuff not on topic.



They had their gear posted in the christmas special issue of guitar player this past dec (released in Nov).

They both had pretty sweat rigs, but the lead players was particularly amazing. Did you check their website? Also check out Guitar Player's website. I know they both had Fender Heads, and I believe the guitarist also had a /13 and something else in there. They also had a lot of boutique pedals.

Pat Healy

Senior Member
When I saw them live, the guitar player had three /13 amps, not sure which ones. He played a Tele, for the most part. The lead singer played First Act guitars. He did not have any amps onstage, (presumably they were backstage or he was running direct). I don't know what he uses amp- and pedal-wise.


Silver Supporting Member
On the front of Matchless's web site.. it has a picture of his 2 matchless heads..
Yup - the GP rig feature was from a few years back... The main guitarist (James Valentine?) is a Matchless guy these days... Not sure about the lead singer/guitarist (Adam Levine?)...


Silver Supporting Member
When I saw them this summer the singer played the First Act guitar and a white Fender Relic. He had 3 Marshall Full stacks.....I was kind of surprised by that. They looked like anniversary Plexis.

Other guy played what looked like one of those new Chad Underwood Telstars. At the time I kept trying to look at the big screen to make out what it was, but couldn't tell. He also played Fender relics. Had a bunch of heads in a big case. Could make out Divided by 13 and Matchless in there.


When I saw them last summer Valentine was playing Matchless and had a /13 cab in there. Levine had this wild rig in the center that looked like 4 full Marshall stacks. I couldn't imagine how they kept the stage volume under control, and his tone was completely saturated and mushy, which made me think things were dimed. Then they struck the stage for the next act and the whole backline was a sham. Built up on a big cart. As they spun it around I saw a Fender combo, a Leslie and a half stack miced up in the back. Everything you saw from the front was hollow. I think the heads were real, but someone went to the trouble of wiring up pilot lights so some roadie could come out on stage and "turn them all on" one by one. If they were trying to create an illusion they blew it by spining the cart around during the strike.

Valentine had really nice clean and slightly pushed tones. Some of the heavier sounds were a bit too stomp box for me. Sounded artificial from where I was.


Silver Supporting Member
In that GP november edition I think one of them had a Two Rock in his rig as well.


Gold Supporting Member
Seems like one of them is a good customer of destroyallguitars...They always have the schiznit.

todd richman

Senior Member
Valentine's baord is posted here-I think in the Pedalboards of the Stars thread-I remember a Switch Hazel, Fulldrive, Eternity, Wah, Volume, Rotovibe and DL-4, oh and a Keeley 4 knob compressor.

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