Sold Marshall 1974X 18 watt combo with padded Tuki cover


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This is a 2005 Marshall 1974X that I bought new from L&M Music in Chattanooga, TN. Home use only. As you can see, it is in great shape. It had the power transformer replaced under warranty in 2007. Outfitted with all JJ tubes. Includes box for the tremolo switch, original manual, AC cord, and purchase receipt. I bought the black, padded Tuki cover separately. It is specific for this model amp.

I've listed this for sale a few times in the past but either couldn't find a local buyer or simply changed my mind (hey, it's that good!).

$1,200 local pickup only in the Birmingham, Alabama area. I'd love to ship this but I don't have the time or energy to source the correct packing materials to ensure a safe trip via FedEx or UPS, nor do I trust those companies to pack it properly themselves.

I still have the steel "cage" that protects the output/rectifier tubes.

SOLD! Thanks rbig80!

The spare set of EL-84 tubes seen in this photo are no longer available.

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