Marshall 1974x Want to Remove Tremolo add A Gain Stage


Have an 18watt Soultone Londoner which is a handwired/handbuilt clone of the original Marshall 1974x circuit. It's a great sounding amp in it's stock configuration however I wanna add a master volume and get some more gain out of it(add a gain stage). I do not use the tremolo and wanna know if it can be disconnected/taken out of the circuit. What can I use the existing speed & intensity pots for? Can the tube originally used for the tremolo now be used for an extra gain stage? Can somebody point me in the right direction and offer suggestions for these mods?


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If you haven't heard that amp modded to a sound you like, and know how it was done, and all you want is more distortion, just go with a pedal you like.... So much easier, cheaper, more flexible, non-intrusive, quicker, and you get to pick the sound before committing.
Have you tried a Mesa TA-15? The Red channel HI 1 is the 1974X. It has a MV with a good amount of gain. Don't forget the power options.

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