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Marshall 85th Celebration Special Head


I just got one of these in the store and decided to give it a shot. My conclusion is that it's just a DSL100 with a fancy name plate.

My favorite sounds came from the Classic channel. The cleans are very JTM45 like and the crunch is like a awesome JCM800. I wish Marshall would put out an amp with just these 2 channels. Make them switchable and they would sell like hot cakes if priced right.

The Ultra channel is just something I can't get into. Very rough and unrefined. Just like the DSL100, it's not my cup of tea for high gain.

At $2000, it's just not worth it, unless you're a collector. I've seen DSL100 half stacks for half the price.

Once again, if Marshall did a amp with the Classic channel's clean and crunch setting, it would make a mint.

My 2 cents. Thanks for listening.


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