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Marshall Cab Question


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What are they made of? Is it MDF, partile board? I have had a few and they were all made of the same material. How much do you have to spend on one to get real wood, what models? They are relatively light (well, compared to others) and they sound good. My MF280 is loaded with V30's and was almost 900 new. Are the real high end ones wood or is that just what they are all made of?


i think the regular line of marshall cabs (the 1960A ect) is all birch ply except the rear thats particle..since 1970 or 71 something like that.....the old cabs are all ply
i have a bogner cab w/ a ply back and its a lot heavier than the marshall...but also sounds twice as good,not sure if the ply back helps w/ that?
marshall also have the HW series and i am not sure about the back on that but if u r looking for all ply a Bogner cant be beat...good stuff

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