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Marshall JCM800 or JCM900 in a box


Hi guys..

Sorry for starting another marshall thread but I really need your input..
I currently use Fetto Dlx and BoR for my Marshally need.. I run it to a stocked fender Blues Junior..

I really wanna have a high gain Marshall JCM800 or 900 on my tone.. What pedal do you suggest so I can have Marshall tone of my dream? I really like the old Paul Gilbert tone or Nuno Bettencourt when he was still in Extreme..

Do I need to tweak my Fetto and BoR for some more?

Thanks for your kind help,

Best wish



Marshall Shredmaster or BYOC Shredder
MI Audio Crunchbox

I have both and prefer the Shredder for most applications, but the Crunchbox sticks out better in the mix for solos. More harsh sounding for rythms though.


Budda Zenman & Phatman- both are 12AX7 Based ($150-200)
Both Sound very marshall like. The phatman has less gain & sounds closer to a 2203/2204 Master volume & the zenman has more bit like a 2210 or 2205.

Have you considered getting a 1x12 combo?
You can easily spend the value of a 1x12 jcm800 in pedals especially in botique world.


I'm very interested in the responses and I'll be watching this thread as well.
I'm also looking for a "Marshall-in-a-box" pedal that I can rely on as a standalone pedal for my sound, for a future project.
There seems to be noi shortage of "plexi" stomp boxes and some of those sound very good but I'm also interested in JCM800 and JCM900 types.
you already have great marshall pedals, maybe just add an eq (mxr 10 band or even catalinbreat varioboost for example). to me, the tones you mention are not so great but if you want them just hot rod your existing marshall tone with something like the above mentioned.
good luck!!


The guv'nor and crunchbox are mentioned several times here.
Anyone have inks to sound clips of those?

The reason I ask is because actual clips often sound much different than the manufacturers,plus most of the time they don't tell you what amp/settings they are using.
anyway, those guys in those days didn't had what you'd call a "marshall" tone, and for that matter, not even an "AMP" tone...
those were the days of the ADA MP-1 and assorted digital RACK gear!:messedup


Supporting Member
+1 on the Crunchbox. Killer pedal in every respect.

Also..kind of a weird one for me... the Toadworks John Bull. I have a real Love/Hate relationship with this pedal. When I dial everything in to make it sound great..it is beyond spectacular. It has this churning, grinding, harmonically rich, rumble your guts tone that just MAKES you want to bash out some big power chords and sit back and listen to it do it's thing. The problem is, it is a very dark pedal..and to make it sound great, you have to mess with your guitar and amp settings so drastically that it's the only usable sound you have until you go back and mess with your settings again. I could easily see someone having a rig that never let them dial in a good tone at all with it. I don't use it much as a result of that. I have the original version though, rumor has it that they have fixed all of those problems in the 2nd version.

The Marshall pedals didn't do it for me. It seemed logical that to get Marshall tone you'd buy a Marshall pedal, but to me, they sounded like cheap pedals. I think others do Marshall better than Marshall does. YMMV.

By the way...how do you like your Fetto? That ones been tempting me.....


Hi Guys..

THanks for all the input, I will try to find the Crunchbox at the Emporium now.. The Buddha Phatman also sounds very good, but I dont have enough space to that big of a pedal..

I heard a lot of good thing about Plextortion.. I saw one for sell at the Emporium last night.. Probably I will try that..

Fetto.. Hmmm.. I really like the pedal, but I always feel something missing from my tone.. Probably I need to change my amp to real Marshall JCM..

Thanks for all the input..

Keep it coming!!



I have owned a Marshall Drivemaster, Marshall Guv'nor and currently own an MI audio Crunch box. The Drivemaster had more gain than the Guv'nor and was harsher. The Guv'nor was smoother and had a bit less gain. The MI audio has more the gain of the Drivemaster (did not do a side by side) and is pretty smooth like the Guv'nor. Between the marshall Guv'nor and crunch box its a tough call, IMO....


I'll throw a Jetter Black into the mix here...IMO, more impressive than a Crunchbox - maybe a hair or two less gainy, but definitely a winner for clarity, verstalitiy (it does a mean JTM45 too), and boy does it clean up with the vol knob :AOK


The Crunchbox really excels at LEADS in my opinion. Its a little too harsh and trebly for good rythm.

I have heard great things about the Gain Stage Black.

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