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Marshall MS "Micro Stacks"


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I brought my '91 MS2 home from my parent's house this X-mas. I always regarded it as a buzzy box of arse, but I heard someone do a surprise recording with one, which piqued my curiosity. We had a bad lightning storm the other day and I unplugged everything which is a royal PITA to reconnect, so I tried something different today...

I jacked the old MS2 into a 412 of greenbacks. NOT BAD! No real headroom, but the OD channel had a rather good Marshall vibe going on. Obviously, the questionable tone comes from the stock speaker, but it has a fairly decent tone through a proper cab. Once I reconnect everything, I'm going to have to jack it into the FX Return of a 50W or 100W Marshall of mine and see what it sounds like with a real power section. Either way, I have a rather viable 9v power outage platform to jack into while I wait for power to be restored.

Anybody else have one? Thoughts? Stories?


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don't think i've read anything positive about ms series in my 8 yrs perusing tgp.lot of young kids seem to like them for a while.for $200 used you could find something better.

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