Sold Marshall Origin 50-Watt Head Mint Condition


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$399.99 or B/O + shipping (sorry, no trades)

Mint condition Marshall Origin 50.
Light home use and low hours.
Comes with footswitch and ships in the original box.

Amp was re-tubed with JJ pre-amp tubes and Tung-Sol EL34s.

Has a High, Medium and Low power switch which allows you to use the amp live or at home.

The Origin 50 has a great, early Marshall crunch to it and takes pedals well.
I have tried it with everything from overdrive to fuzz and they all sound great with the amp.

Packed with a generous complement of tubes, the Origin ORI50H exhibits vintage-inspired Marshall tone. This amp is powerful in its simplicity. Dial in the Gain and Master controls to get the right amount of crunch, then shape your tone with the Presence knob and the 3-band EQ. A unique Tilt control blends bright and normal sounds, while switchable power enables high-output sounds at any volume. A built-in FX loop makes integrating your pedalboard a breeze. There's even a footswitchable gain boost for adding extra punch to your solos. The Origin ORI50H is a no-frills gateway to classic Marshall tone.

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