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Martin 00-15M incoming..


An early congrats.

I do not know how you guys do it though. Last week for the first time in my life I ordered a guitar which I had not held in my sweaty little hands before buying. What I keep telling myself is that as it is not a factory guitar chances of me finding one within a reasonable road trip to play were slim and none. But making the call based solely on the reputation of the builder is still making me a nervous wreck second guessing myself.


Very nice! You're going to love it.

I love the 15 series - I'd get a 000-15 SM if I could sneak it past my wife, but unfortunately i've taught her enough about guitars over the years that she would immediately know I got a new one...

Are all of the bridges lately that light? I know they're made of indian rosewood, but that may be the lightest one I've seen yet.


I love the 00's and 000's 15 series.

New old school is cool.

I have a couple of 00016's.

Make sure you hydrate the top well in the winter months, so you don't have issues with the top warping.

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