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I recently sold a beautiful 2001 Martin HD28V that I owned for 5 years. I hand delivered it to the buyer, but 5 days later he took it in to have the action lowered and the luthier says the neck needs reset. I am just floored because this guitar was absolutely mint and I never had any issues with it. It played perfect all the way up and down the fret board ( moderately low action ) and it sounded great. I am told by the buyer that there is a 1/64th gap between the neck and body near the fretboard! I think I would have noticed something like that while cleaning the guitar. I'm not sure what to think? What bugs me is that the buyer looked the guitar over, sighted down the neck, played it and we handshook on a deal. Now a 3rd party is coming up with this claim. :(

Can a top shelf guitar like a Martin suddenly develop a problem in a short timespan? Is there any way Martin would consider a warranty fix considering the guitar is spotless, or would I be out of luck since I was the second owner? I feel bad if it's true and trying to figure out how to handle it fairly. Thanks for any thoughtful advice.

-Bummed out in Ohio!
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How far is the guitar from you now? I would suggest you say that you'd like to go to this dude's luthier friend and review the guitar with all three of you there. If you agree there's an issue there that could have been there when you owned it...get it back and give him a refund (AS LONG AS they haven't modified the guitar).


I guess you have to look at it from the buyer's point of view. Put yourself in his place. What would you expect from the seller? Good suggestion from Clothwiring - if you are not far you could go check it out. You should be able to slip a business card between a 1/64" gap. If the warranty covers it, then I think it would be fair to offer to split the shipping to Martin (sounds like the oversight was mutual). Best of luck settling with minimal pain.


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The gap is on the heel, not the fretboard, easily missed.
Far as I know, Martin only extends warranty to original owner.
FYI, one of the best luthiers in the midwest.


I have two Martin's that I bought used and one has to remember that when you buy used your usually getting it for much less than new part of buying new and paying more is for that exact purpose. So if you get a good deal on a used instrument you have to accept the fact that you will have to incur any and all expenses that may come along. There are some really good threads at the Martin forum on this very subject with good opinions and insight on both ends.

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