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Martin DC-16RTGE with Aura HUMMING!!!

I plugged in my Martin with the Fishman Aura yesterday and I am getting a TERRIBLE humming noise. If I touch the plug-in jack it gets much better. But when I touch the strings it gets worse. Bad ground? Anyone know how I can fix this? It is a 2005 so I don't know if there is any warranty left. Thanks for the help guys!


I have one of those, but have never had that happen. Are you plugging it into a DI box? If so, try the ground loop switch. If not the DI, then you probably have a loose ground wire in the guitar.

Also, if you're the original owner of the Martin you have a lifetime guarantee. I'm assuming that includes the electronics.


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a damaged pickup element will do this. lift out the saddle and look at the pickup itself. is the foil wrap torn anywhere? if so, it's time to replace the pickup.

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