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Martin electrics?


Guitar Dad
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I just got a '66 GT70 a few months ago. I've wanted one for ages because of the movie "Six String Samurai." It's a very cool guitar, fully hollow, with the best looking pickups ever. They sound damn good, too. I swapped out the Bigsby bridge because it sucked, and replaced the butter knife with a Chet arm for the same reason. My only objection to the guitar is the amount of 60 cycle hum, the middle position does not seem to be RWRP, and the pots are a little crusty. Other than that, it totally exceeded my expectations. My logic of, "Martin knows how to build a guitar" and "Dynas + hollow + Bigsby is a wonderful recipe" turned out to be bang on. Sounds like a cross between a Duo Jet and a 6120 with Dynas, but uses the much more efficient Gibson control layout. Yes, the neck is narrowish, which I also expected, but it's super comfortable to play.

That Brazilian headstock veneer is a nice bonus. Its only downside is that the knobs only go to 9, and I reckon that's why they never caught on.

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