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I'd find someone to master it for you if it is something you are planning to release. It isn't a step that I think can be done half-way.

If you do want to try it yourself, the Waves plug-ins wouldn't be a bad place to start with the software. Make sure your room is dialed in.



I use plugs from UAD, WAVES, Sonalksis, depending on the project. Less is more, and i avoid any Finalizer, set-and-forget-we'll-make- the- hard- choices- for- you type products.


Another view:

I got the Finalizer when it first came out, and used it on every commercial and album track I did for years. It was on hundreds of TV ads I did. Had some great presets for sound effects that I could never reproduce with other very expensive gear, including legendary compressors and EQs.

I spent months tweaking presets to create some good ones that worked for me and my clients. That's the thing, of course, that's needed to make it sound good. It is very tweakable, and most people don't bother.

Sounded great.

Then I made friends with a grammy winning mastering guy, and he convinced me to get rid of it. "Bad stuff," said he. "You're killing my ability to properly master the records you're sending me." I figured he was right, and of course he was.

But now, of course, I miss it. Like any tool, it can be misused, but used's nice. Right use? Stuff like TV ads, demos, etc. you'd never send to a mastering facility.

Then again, I love having the hard choices made for me. ;)

When I get some extra dough, I'm gonna buy another one.

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