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Hey guys,

I'm working on my programming on the PBC editor software in advance of receiving the unit on monday, and I have run up against a couple of issues/questions...

1)Preset access: I've gotten around to programming up to preset number 12 on the list on the "presets" page, and have the first 10 slots as my "go-to" tones. I made page 4 a custom page with access to those first 10 presets, with a couple of hold function buttons to do IA loop changes to those particular presets... When I started a new custom page, with the hopes of starting with presets 11, 12 and so on, it seems to want to start again at 1. Does this have something to do with "groupings", "local pages" or "preset index number"?

2)Hold function: Following on from the first question, is it possible to have a "hold" on a button access a particular preset, or can I just go preset + or -?

Thanks so much gents & ladies! :)


I'm way behind the programming and wiring of my PBC board so I'm unable to help you yet, but since I don't see any replies just wanted to ask if you had checked the PBC sub-forum on the RJM website.

You might get a quicker response there to these rather specific questions.

EDIT: from reading the RJM forum myself it might be you that has already posted the question there, saw it was responded to by RJM as well, so please disregard if that's the case!
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