Match the pup magnet to style, guitar, amp and speaker for minimal pedal use.


I personally like A5 but also A2 and A3.

A5 mainly for single coils. Strat or Tele. Late 50's - Early 60's. Not too hot. Preferably alder/rosewood and a tweed amp of BF. Bluesy/Rock/Country

A2 for humbuckers. LP or Dot. Again, not too hot. Mahogany/Ebony or Rosewood. Tweed or BF. Bluesy/Rock

A3 for a very early strat/tele sound with ash/maple. Tweed. Country.

Alnico speakers of course for the most part.

I use heavier strings tuned to Ab 432 (all strings tuned half step down and to 432 hz).

Very expressive and responsive setup with few pedals. Typically just a clean boost with touch of reverb or trem. Right on the edge of breakup.

These seem to be working well for me. Anybody elses thoughts? Whats your setup for this?

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