Matchless King Cobra Clips!

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    Here are clips of the Matchless King Cobra amp (only eight amps like this have been made so far). There are six total clips---each with a picture beside it of the guitar or amp.

    These were recorded at my house, by Tommy "Flash" Jordan (great, great guitarist and studio whiz) with a Mac, Pro Tools, a tube mic preamp, and a couple of mics. I did the playing, trying to showcase what I love about the amp.

    There are no effects used, none were added, no compression, and zero EQ'ing was done. All we did was edit clip length. The dirty clips have me rolling up the guitar volume on the Strat and Les Paul during the take, to show clean to mean.

    TURN THEM UP to listen to them. We tried to display the superb dynamics and harmonic richness of the amp. It can do clean and dirty at the same time if you control your pick attack per string. You will also get an idea of how nice the reverb is if you listen to the clips loudly.

    Let me know what you think! Ask questions if you have them.

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