Matchless Vs. Jackson


Anyone owned or played both? I'm curious of general characteristic of tone. Are they similar ? If different how so?

If you need model specifics, how about Lightning vs Newcastle.



From the amp demo threads:

The dudes who own a NC gush about them! After demoing, I can totally see why! Very responsive, great tone, great OD, works well with guitar vol/tone, tight, clear... I actually want one to run as my dirty amp next to my clean amp. DO NOT read this as the NC will not clean up to pristine British voxy oriented clean (using guitar vol or just setting vol low or power all the way up if it has power scaling). I just happen to love the way it breaks up.

I haven't ever gotten the chance to play a matchless anything...

I talk about this amp a lot so I should probably say I'm not affiliated to cover TGP rules and not get JAW in trouble... Just a great amp that made quite an impression!

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