Mathews the architect v3....Do I have a dud or are the volume and gain controls unique

Got the pedal, love the demos. Only thing is that I have to put the output volume all the way dimed just to get to unity. Please tell me if I should send this back or is that the way the controls work


Never had that issue, output is usually set around noon. Granted it's been awhile since I've touched the knobs on it.

My rig is sort of based around that pedal too. I set my amp how I like it, and everything runs into the Architect first. I tweaked all my pedals to sound good through it.

When I did my initial set up, amp volume was at bedroom levels and the Architect was set at noon from the start. Any added volume I get from my amp.

It actually took me a day to realize the boost knob was output volume for the boost only. Guess that's why they give you manuals, haha.
I should clarify.....the output has to be dimed to get unity with the gain all the way down. I've done some searching and I think it's just the way the volume interaction is set up with the boost and the gain
Ha just got the pedal and just searched the gear page wondering the exact same thing. I had the Tumnus and unity volume was like 10:00 even with the gain all the way off.

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