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John Phillips

I saw Neil Finn recently, he was using a couple of them I think, 6 and 12 string acoustics. Nice sound.

I've worked on a few too - electric as well as acoustic, and one archtop - they seem very nicely made, just-outside-mainstream designs... if you know what I mean. Sort-of comparable to Guild.


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I checked some of their electrics out at a guitar shop in Oz a couple years ago. They seemed quite nice, esp. for the money.


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Yes, Neil Finn has been playing Maton's for years, that's where I first saw one. They are actually very high quality, very even sounding. Here is a photo of mine.



The new Guitar World Acoustic has a section on Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, both play Maton acoustics, amongst others. I don't see any Maton pics but a little exposure goes a long way.

I have their bottom of the range M225. Never had a higher end steel string acoustic and I have to say that the diferrence is enormous. Nice ballanced volume. Beautiful resonance. Absolutely the thinnest finsh I have ever seen.

Email these guys if they have a local retailer in the US


I am curious about the pricing of these guitars. Coming from Australia I assume they are really expensive. Aussie Battler, mind sharing how much you paid for that beautiful M225?
I don't think that they'd be any more expensive than say Art and Lutherie or Seagull. I paid $650 Aus. (About 400-450 USD) They vary wildly in price in the shops here. I've seen some at $1000, mostly at $800. Just haggle it really can make a massive difference. If you're ordering from overseas knock an extra 10% off as you don't have to pay our 10%Goods and Sevices Tax. They can get pricey though The upper end models go for about $2500Aus.(1750-2000USD) But not too excessive in comparison to Taylor/Martin/Larivee

In the end it was between this, a Breedlove and Yamaha LL6. I liked the feel of the Yamaha but the finish was just too thick for my tastes. Becuse of the light satin finish on the MAtons these will have to be babied a bit more, but will age and mature much more gracefully tone wise IMO.


The first guitar i ever got was a Maton and it would have to be one of the best acoustic guitar that has ever been made. it was there entry level guitar, the EM225 and the build quality is bloody exceptional.

Maton also sticks it up to a lot of the bigger companies here in australia, particulary your guild and Taylor brands. A lot of peopl i know in the guitar shops would recommend a Maton EM325C over a Taylor 714CE any day and the Maton is one third the price of the Taylor.

Tommy Emmanual, Ben Harper and jack johnson are just a few of the people that are picking up on how good these guitars actually are.

I recommend to anyone to give these guitars a go

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I had a 1967 CW80 model that was my work-horse acoustic guitar for many years.

The trick with Maton is to stick to their lower to mid priced ranges where they offer excellent value. Especially the models with pickups-they do have one of the better factory pickup systems.

I really believe that they don't quite compete as well as you move up their price scale where their refusal to scallop bracing maybe holds them back a little in offering extra tone despite using more exotic materials.

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