MATRIX VB800 ? Anybody have one ? Your thoughts ?


I have ALWAYS been a SS skeptic until I paired my 11R with a matrix FX800 rack amp....WOW ! After tweaking it for a few months it has proven to be sooooo versatile and the tone(s) I have dialed in are so close and realistic to my beloved tube amps that I play through it more than any other rig I have. I am curious about the little "toaster" sized amp they make....the VB800. I was wondering how good it sounds ? Punchy?.....clear?......authentic sounding ? What say you all ?


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Up until a few weeks ago I ran my KPA I into my VB880 EFX RTN using it as totally linear and flat power amp into a variety of FRFR speakers and Real Cab.

It was/is utterly awesome - you will not regret it in any way - I only sold it as I bought a friends Active CLR Wedge so didn't need it.

From memory, it does something like 150w @ 16 ohm, 300w @ 8ohm and 400w @ 4ohm - I used to run mine at low levels [small shows] to deafeningly loud [rock shows] and it was totally transparent and linear at all levels.

As long as you

- don't need or want stereo
- don't need or want a rack unit
- don't need or want an "internal" [ ie: Camplifier / Ambrosi style ] amp

....... buy it !!! :) :) :)

There is nothing that touchs it for what it does !!!

........ don't know why, but I still really miss not having my VB880 :)

All the best,


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It would be ultra cool if you could use it with your 11R and also use pedals in front of it - and maybe a delay in the loop.


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I was asking in terms of using it as a stand alone amp...NOT with the 11R. Does it sound like a JCM 800 ?
From the videos I've seen, I think it sounds better than some JCM800's I've owned… check em out...

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