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I have a Matsumoku-made Epiphone 5102TE. It has the ubiquitous "STEEL ADJUSTABLE NECK Made In Japan" neck plate.

Last night it occurred to me yet again that the string spacing on this neck is rather close for my comfort. The neck is well built, it's just that the strings feel slightly crowded to me.

I have a more recent bolt neck Epi Special II that has a more comfy neck, and USA Peavey necks feel great to me. But on the other hand there have been thousands and thousands of Matsu bolt necks over the years. Maybe one would be a better fit for me and drop right in place.

This has a floating bridge and no sides on its neck 'pocket' so the options should be pretty wide open in terms of width and scale length.

Do all Matsumoku guitars using that neck plate have the same spacing and pattern on their screw holes? Or if I'm considering a neck transplant should I expect that it will be necessary to dowel and redrill either the heelblock or the neck?
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I've got a 5102T as well, and I'd be more concerned with matching up the proper scale length than the bolt pattern. Are any of the other necks the same scale length?
I know you may be able to adjust the overall length a bit due to the flexibility of having the floating bridge, but if they're too different, you may have some issues.

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