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Maudal Musical Machines

So let's try this again! some of you may remember that I introduced myself some time ago to the gear page as Carolann guitars. And hilarity ensued! Many people congratulated me on expanding my business into guitars and were very excited! much confusion followed...

uhhh...Yes, I named my company after my Mom, and it turns out that Alan named *his* company Carol Ann amplifiers after his wife. go figure. so...

Here I am with Maudal Musical Machines. I've got some interesting Woodface™ electric resonators up at this site with some interesting players *using* them.

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Scott Peterson

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Welcome to TGP!

Tried to edit your link to make your pic's appear; you need to link to them surrounded by the


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Hey Martin,

Welcome to The Gear Page!
Excellent work! Beautiful and stellar instruments...

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