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Maxon AD 999 Pro analog delay - Do I need one?


Got a Skrecho, DBD and a DD-3.
Thought about getting a true analog delay.

How's the 999? how's the Pro version?
I've heard it has more headroom and can be played in the loop. pretty important for me.
How is it compared to other analog delays out there?

Should I wait for the Malekko w/tap tempo?


Silver Supporting Member
I've never played the Pro, and I've never used it in the loop, but the 999 is the BEST non-modulated analog delay out there IMHO. For mod, the DMM. I love the way the slightly dirty repeats of the 999 blend into the sound, works especially well with dirty amp tones. I can't imagine ever getting rid of my 999. (and, if they ever release a modulated 999, I might sell my VMSD)


Platinum Supporting Member
i have the ad999...it is the best sounding analog delay IMO...takes pedals amazingly,doesn't change the basic sound,and has a natural and gradual decay that i love(it gets a little bit darker each repeat)...i a/b it with the pro,and the extra options on the pro made it sound more dull...IMO it wasn't worth it ...no running away from it,every extra toggle or switch takes something away from the tone....it's a keeper...waiting for the skreddy echo, and i think i am set for delays at the moment...


Though I think the ad999 is a hell of a good delay, I actually prefer the sound of the Analogman ardx20, and you get 2 delays in one.

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