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Cary Chilton

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Here I pretty much had same set up as my STag Hog D+ clips, minus the Stage Hog. My single coil G&L strat, WCR SR's Maxon slight frown and boosted nearly full, into Distortion + Level and Distortion nearly full (95%?) at 100% the D+'s level makes the bass mud, and the dist gets too bright. This is fair long clip, just messing around, mistakes and all -just for fun.
Recorded pretty good for ALL solid state, but NO sustain in this set up, good thing I use a 1.5 mm pick huh?...making it tiring to solo with very little sustain on a dive bomb.

THe Second clip is Maxon EQ, same set up into TWO vintage Distortion +'s. It was insanely noisy, but I heard while doing the first clip that as I was being aggressive on the strings you couldn't hear the 80% hiss -which was nearly as loud as the guitar! I was surprised that it sounded similar to EVH's early gain in some strange way. This double D+ and EQ provided some sustain, but NOT that much! Enough for the dive bomb on the whammy as you can hear.

Mic's used a sm57 and Royer 121 into an mbox2pro. THe Double + had more reverb mixed in than the first clip -which is obvious. Besides reverb, dither and a limiter to pull up the signal level ( no actual limiting was used- so full dynamics are there) there are no other plugins or effects just like all my other clips. ;)

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