Maxon SD9 vs Danelectro Cool Cat Distortion


does it have an annoying 'fizz' common to cheap distortion boxes?
I tried one at a music store the other day.

I tried an SG standard into the pedal, and then into a DRRI. I played 1 chord, then two notes, and then I unplugged it. I then felt embarrased as I handed it back to the sales guy.
i own both of these pedals and do not find them to be very similiar honestly.
the cool cat is closer to a good sounding ds1 to my ears.
the cool cat has more flexible eq than the sd9, but needs the amp to be turned up a bit to sound good.
the sd9 perfoms well into an amp set totally clean or a bit gritty. it is also thicker sounding.
i actually like both pedals, depending on what you are going for.
That's a good demo. I wonder if it would be possible to dial out some of the brightness on the Cool Cat without it getting muddy. And I know they're both called distortion pedals, but I'd like to hear how they do on the lower-gain end of the spectrum. Both of these pedals remind me of the MI Audio Crunchbox.

the distortion of the cool cat is pretty warm sounding if it is into an amp that is turned up. into a quiet amp the pedal sounds harsh and fizzy.

the sd9 can be run with the gain off and volume full up for a fairly clean boost, but i wouldnt choose either pedal for lower gain overdrive sounds.
the distortion is too aggressive from both (in my opinion) for that type of sound.


I tried the Distortion and it was too brittle and fizzy into my Palomino V32. Couldn't get it to sound good with my amp and guitars.......I do have the TOD and Drive and like both those.


I tried my Dano Distortion into my CAE 3+ clean channel at a gig today, sounded really good! I used my Suhr modded CS Relic, all the stratiness came through and cleaned up well. I'm going to be using this one alot I think. I could give a crap what it looks like. :AOK


I wish it could have worked for me as I wanted a good distortion pedal. The Dano Drive is working out better for me

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