Mayer on Jay Leno playing a Dumble...


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Sounds alright. Kind of soft rock. Can't understand his lyrics during some parts of the song, he can get a little heavy on the smarmy moaning sometimes.

Tone doesn't sound anything special IMO.

big mike

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I think he's a good guitarist, that writes good songs that I enjoy.
I'm most impressed with his ability to play/sing at the same time. It's hard for me to do. I'm usually stuck doing the BB call and response thing with anything intricate.
He won me over with the trio album.

Do i think he's earthshattering? no. But I enjoy it. I think the lyrics on this tune are pretty good actually, well thought out metaphor really.


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I think John uses the dumble on rare occasions so he can come to TGP and see how many threads about him have been started.

Totally Bored

Spoke to John the other day and he said that he was bringing the Dumble on the Jay Leno Show just to get a New thread started on the TGP. TGP John Mayer record sales have done very well for him. He said he would be using a Peavey Classic 30 hidden behind the stack of amps and most of the old folk at TGP don't know tone anyway so they won't know.

He thought about doing the Politician riff before he started the song just as a goof but there's no money in that riff for him so...


Robbie's new Jackson Ampworks rig looked excellent. Wouldn't mind hearing more of that!!
I knew if I hung around this thread long enough I'd find out what the white piggyback amp was...thanx;)

enjoyed the tune...


Bob Maximus

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It was great :huh

What's not to like? Great band, good mix, pop rock tune... no guitar theatrics. The dumble sat in the mix like it's supposed to.

This will probably be one of the songs that I will shamefully admit to liking on a future TGP thread... a lot of his stuff, Mothers Love Your Daughters, etc... are too syrup-py for my tastes.


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The dumble sat in the mix like it's supposed to.
Exactly. It was a song performed within a band context and it was done well.

Sounded great to me, tone and song.


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i think he did a good job on that. It can't be easy to sing and play that tune at the same time. Lyrics are pretty damn good I think too.

Not everything needs to be an exercise in 'my guitar tone/playing is the greatest thing on earth'.

It's a cool tune, it's performed well under the circumstances (lord knows it takes me more than one tune to warm up at a gig) and playing/tone fit the tune.

He's doing a good job playing back to his core audience without alienating the new one IMO.
+1 on all this. I enjoyed it.
Restrained and atmospheric is sometimes good!
I thought it sounded really nice for a live mix. I also liked the percussive thing he was doing with the trem arm and how it interacted with the delay.

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