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McCaslin and Binney - Wonderful!


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yep! 2 of my favorite contemporary sax players. binney's also an incredible composer.


Wowzers!! Binneys solo on that first tune is so perfect. A rare breed for an alto player!
Great solo for sure! Are you meaning that great alto players are a rarity? I could post a laundry list but.....maybe you meant something else? :huh


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Yes, yes, yes... very nice. Thanks for posting these videos, I hadn't seen them before.


Russ6100, I meant something else, sorry for my english!

What I meant was, the alto sax players I´ve played with and the alto players I´ve listened to over the years are really somewhat different in their playing and tone.

Firstly Binneys sound is really firm and strong, but still gentle. It almost sounds like a tenor in that respect. And of course his ideas and how he makes them come alive are really fluid. I guess my point is that most alto players sound like they are playing the alto saxophone when they are playing. With Binney it seems like he doesn´t care about the instrument that much, rather he just makes it happen so that anyone with an ear for music will appriciate what he´s saying.


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