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I have recently purchased an MCI JH636 control console for our studio facility. It is a fixer upper and very nice but is missing some parts. Other than Blevins in Nashville, who are very good folks, I would like to find some spares out here on the west coast
Mainly, the power supplies. Now, I could possibly circumvent the high cost of these supplies by building them myself but that would be very time consuming. The other idea is to use surplus Lambda supplies which are available all over. Any ideas on this?
I am awaiting the manual for the console, so for now I don't know what the current requirements are for these supplies. There the 24, 18, 5 & 48 volt and aside from the 48 volt supply, the rest are bipolar, meaning that it requires both positive and negative voltages. What I need to know is how much current this console requires from these supplies so that I can at least power up the console to verify the status of the electronics before I spend the dollars to buy the actual supplies from Blevins or whoever. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
In addition to this, a spare console for parts is probably a good idea and again, does anyone have one available?
Analogue is not dead, it's just expensive and thats okay. At least I can fix it if it breaks...try de-soldering a surface mount component on your digital whatever! Good luck
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I used to really like working on those boards back in the late 80s.

They sound really good when they're working right!


I used to be a field service enineer for Sony I'm pretty sure I have the manuals for the 636, I'll have a look in the garage tonight. I don't remember current requierments off the top of my head. I'm not really aware of anyone out here with parts, Blevens is about the best bet for the specialty parts. Do you currenty have a set of supplies, and are looking for complete spares? If you are looking to repair supplies the output devices for the P/S are standard off the shelf stuff that you should be able to find locally.


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Nope... Blevin is probably the best bet.

However, you can get upgraded mic pre's from Hardy! They totally rock.


Tom CT

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Please don't take this the wrong way - it's just a joke...

When I was a teen in around '79, I helped a friend record a couple of (really awful) songs in a top-notch studio in NYC. His friend was an engineer, so he only paid for tape.

The studio was decked out with all the bells and whistles of the era - old Lexicon stuff, AMS, Eventide, a Yamaha grand, Hammond C3, and more. The console and tape machine were MCI. Probably cost more than my parents' house.

As luck would have it, the console developed problems during tracking, and the engineer threw a minor fit. "Damn MCI! It's Mostly Crap Inside, I tell ya!". ;)

Doesn't Mix magazine have classified listings on their Web site? I'll bet a Google search would turn up "parts" consoles and the like.


We have a 636 and I'm not a techie, but it puts out enough heat to require AC in the control room when it's 5 degrees below zero outside... <vbg> The supplies are 4RU and there's 3 of them.

Ours is a little cranky, but the sound justifies any compaints I have. Som of the panpots are getting rough, and I've heard that there's not a replacement available, which is kind of a drag.

Good luck with it...




I found my JH600 manual and have it here at the office with me..

The power supply specifications are as follows

Audio Supplies (for 636 two supplies are necessary)

outputs (per supply)
1 +/- 18vdc @ 8amps each rail
ripple => 1mv

1 +48vdc @ 1amp ripple => 2mv

Peripheral Supply

1 +/-18vdc @4amps per rail

2 +8 vdc one @2amps one @8amps
ripple = approx 30mv (local regulation in console)

1 +24vdc @4amps ripple => 3mv

I'll be here at the office till around 11pm, and back tomorrow from around noon till 11pm. Email me at if you want me to fax over anything

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