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Terry's name seems to be floating around a lot lately so I figured I'd add to the infostream.

I recently acquired a used TCM Taurus Forum Limited Edition, serial #1; gold top, '57 neck carve. As has been the case recently, this was purchased sight/sound unseen/unheard at what seemed to be a decent price. In retrospect, after having the guitar for the past month, it is an absurdly reasonable price for what this instument delivers!

The fit and finish is as good as anything I own up to triple it's price and the best part is, it sounds absolutely amazing. Unique combination of swamp ash back, carved maple top and mahogany neck coupled with specially wound TCM pickups give the guitar wonderful definition with a really round, warm overall tone that has plenty of sparkle on the high end with absolutely no hint of harshness. Coil taps offer single coil tones surprisingly similar to mid position strat settings. Astonishingly versatile range of voices on hand and not a weak one in the bunch. I am not a fan of big '50's style necks so I had a little concern over the neck carve. (I owned a '53 LP goldtop that felt terrible in my hands.) That proved to be baseless as this feels slightly larger than a prs wide-fat and, coupled with great fretwork, couldn't be more comfortable for my taste (I have fairly small hands). Beautiful and interestingly original inlays as well. Did I mention that this thing sounds freaking incredible???
Articulate, big and thick in HB mode and substantial but snappy in SC mode. IMHO, the overall design is classic but updated and very elegant.
I've had as many comments about the look of this guitar as I have with many "eye candy" pieces from Baker, Suhr and PRS.

My only compaint is that from a comfort standpoint it lacks what I have become accustomed to in terms of ergonomic features; no belly cut, forearm radius, etc. Access to the highest frets, though, is effortless due to the neck joint and cutaway taper. At it's price point, this is a negligible issue and is certainly no different than a trad LP or Tele.

I am not often moved to write reviews but this Taurus FLE proved so much more than I could ever have hoped for that it deserved some mention.

BTW: to Terry M. Thanks for a special instrument and kudos to you for your ultra classy remarks in one of the latest Gustaffson threads. Although I would certainly own a JG given the finances and opportunity, I can't imagine it being a factor of 10 better than the Taurus with which I am so pleased.


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nice review, used TCMs are the deal of a lifetime IMO

Agreed, and agreed! Got a hell of a deal on a used TCM Taurus last year. What a great guitar! Played it for about two hours last night after having it in the case for a few weeks and was reminded once again.


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The FLE is a special guitar. Terry offered us (TCM forum members) an opportunity to score a very special guitar, at a price that was simply unbeatable...even new. As things progress for him, it would not surprise me at all if the FLE's became a bit mythic among folks who love Terry's work.

FWIW, Terry went through a lot of ash for the FLE to find the blanks that offered up the tone he was after. Per Terry and a few other luthiers I have talked to over the years, some ash presents tonal properties that are very similar to old growth mahogany. The tone wood recipe for the FLE's is a home run.


There is a total of only 30 FLE's (Forum Limited Edition) on this planet. I'm proud to own number 22 in Supernatural! yeah, they do sound exceptional and look pretty good too! I'll be keeping mine forever.



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I always thought Terry's stuff was cool, but lately all these satisfied customers are popping up like.........

......... popcorn.

Very cool stuff!!! :AOK


There is a total of only 30 FLE's (Forum Limited Edition) on this planet. I'm proud to own number 22 in Supernatural! yeah, they do sound exceptional and look pretty good too! I'll be keeping mine forever.



You have inspired me to order black pickup rings and controls. What a great look on a great guitar.



Note, there is some forearm relief on the FLE, Taurus & Carolinas. No waist cut due the adverse effect on the chambered models. I do have an FLE & Taurus T for sale here but, only becuase I have several others that overlap. They are some of the very best guitars avaliable.


I bumped into mykljpao @ his outdoor gig last weekend..... his guitar caught my eye... and lo & behold... a fellow TGP'er ..

Nice axe.... and a very good player...
keep the TGP posted on upcoming gigs por favor !!

Nice to meet & hear ya !!

Mcinturff on my radar !

Terry McInturff

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I cannot thank everyone enough for this level of enthusiasm and support.

The FLE marked a bit of a turning point for me. While it was not a radically new TCM design at the time, certain aspects of it started me thinking along new lines which continue to this day.

It was a fun project and I treasure the memories!

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