Meet Iconoclast - Stereo Parametric Speaker Emulator


We would like to introduce you to our newest product, Iconoclast. Iconoclast dynamically shapes your guitar's tone as a speaker cabinet would and outputs directly to headphones, powered speakers, a mixer or recording interface. Adjustable on-the-fly using intuitive controls, Iconoclast delivers consistent tone at any volume—and in virtually any setting—often without needing to bring anything more than a pedalboard.

The controls on Iconoclast are unique in that they do not operate like typical tone controls; their functions were chosen to be meaningful regardless of your experience with speaker emulation.
  • For those who want clear, simple functionality: the Low knob affects the lows, the Mid knob affects the mids, and the High knob affects the highs.
  • For those who want controls that correlate with properties of a guitar speaker cabinet: the Low knob affects cabinet size/type, the Mid knob affects amplifier damping, and the High knob affects the speaker’s bandwidth. Using only these three controls, a wide variety of amplifier+speaker cabinet tones can be achieved.
In addition, Iconoclast features a level control for the headphone output as well as a gate threshold control for the built-in studio quality noise gate.

With Stereo inputs and outputs, Iconoclast offers incredible versatility and functionality. Run your pedalboard in stereo without the need to own and load-in multiple amplifiers to your shows, or jam late at night through headphones while simultaneously running direct to a recording interface.

Optional Iconoclast software lets you dig deep into the inner workings to visualize how your tone is being shaped and change the response to your heart's content. See the response curve interact with your input signal in real time while having the ability to sculpt the sound to your precise needs. You can even convert a mono signal to stereo with the built-in stereo enhancer.

Iconoclast will be available starting February 2017, or you may pre-order from You can hear Iconoclast at The NAMM Show 2017, Booth 1489 (Hall E).

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