Melodramatic Popular Song

Well being that this is my favorite website other than the Tape Op Messageboard, I just wanted to let you guys know I released an independent, self-funded record here not too long ago.

It's called Melodramatic Popular Song and looks like this:


I ended up recording the album outside of my home (which is unusual for me) and booked some time with Larry Crane (engineer and editor of the magazine Tape Op) in his Jackpot Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon. I did a lot of preproduction in preparation for the recording time being that it was 1) very expensive and 2) very far away. Being that I am a rather eclectic songwriter it was very difficult to decide which songs to record. I originally wanted to do a rootsy, trashy, garage rock album, but after talking with Larry and geting some feedback on which songs he liked best, I ended up making a pop record. So needless to say, it turned out VERY different from what I had orginally planned.

It was a very exciting, wonderful, scary, frustrating, depressing, amazing, humbling experience. I learned a lot.

Anyways, if anyone's interested there are some mp3's at

You can also download it off iTunes or buy a copy from


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