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Melody Maker Custom Build


Silver Supporting Member
It's certainly striking.

I've just finished my MM project so have been playing it a lot this week and I do love them - so light, easy to play with the wrap tail, great sound with the replaced pickups. I could easily see myself picking up a couple more if they come in at the right price.

When I was researching mine I found this, which is easily the most ambitious MM conversion I've come across, and an amazing save for a horribly routed guitar. I always think there's a point where any reasonable person would say, no, that's too far gone... and my favourite people are the ones who reply 'screw that, I can sort that one no problem! Pass the router...''



Just in the interests of balance, I'd have to say that to me the two guitars above are way overdone,and go beyond the the spirit of the originals.

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