Menatone pedals: Any opinion?


Extremely well made pedals. The attention to detail reminds me of the wireing inside my matchless and tophat amps. He has several pedals that emulate the clipping/eq response of different desirable amps. The results are pretty amazing, almost like analog, handwired modeling. My favorite is the King of the Britains, the new 6 knober is the best it think.

BUT, as with other pedals, I think even more so, are very amp dependant. I think they all need an amp with ample midrange to sound their best.

John II

I've tried a ton of overdrive pedals. I recently bought a Menatone Top Boost In A Can and love it. It captures the AC-30/15 tone beautifully. Plus, you can go from full rich sounding overdrive to a treble booster with a few turns of the knobs.

A keeper for sure.

~John II


Brian has been around for awhile, and the number of pedal
builders has mushroomed, for sure .. lot's of good stuff to choose
from, now .

However, I think because of the fact he's been a known quantity,
many have tried him, earlier on, and sort of "moved on" to other
things, and continue to enjoy the smorgasbord of available stomp

He has improved his designs with each version, and they were
awesome to begin with.

His amp in a can pedals are unbeliveable good, and as I've said,
somehow he's managed to improve them over time.

The best attribute of Menatone's products, is they retain their
open feel; something that some of the contemporary builders
are starting to incorporate, but Brian was among the very first,
to capture -- not everyone wants a compressed feel to in their
overdrive(s). His pedals have a clarity to them; some feel that
they are overly bright(not me); but that clarity is very useful in
a LIVE(full band) situation.

His Blue Collar is the best TS-9 "flavored" pedal I've tried, though
it really bares no resemblance to a TS-9, mainly due to the attack
and openess of Brian's design.. beautiful box.

The Red Snapper is equally great, in a TS808- "inspired" design.

His TBIAC,KOB,WMB, pedals have improved with each version,
as many who've gone along for the ride will attest.

The Dirty Blonde is another amazing pedal, that really cops the
feel and tone of an old Blonde Bassman . . great stuff !

Meantone is a gifted builder, for sure .


Played a Red Snapper for the first time last weekend. It's a really classic "abuse the hell out of the tubes" kinda sound. Not the sound for me, but definitely a classic.

But it seemed to me to be more Fuzz Face than Tube Screamer. I didn't fiddle with the knobs at all, but the way it was set it reminded me a lot of the Fulltone '69 I owned.



Thanks to everyone.
By the way, do you think Musictoyz clips or videos do these pedals justice?


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Bruno - I've got one of the early Fish Factories--combo Blue Collar/Red Snapper--and it is undoubtedly a great pedal. Both are tube screamer inspired, but as was previously posted, different. I love it in front of my Fargen Dual Classic. Great tones. Build quality is exceptional. I would recommend Brian's pedals whole heartedly. I have a few other Menatones on my gear wishlist, including the new versions of King of Britains, Top Boost in a Can, and Kar Krash. Just my 2 cents worth.



I have had plenty of menatones and have found that they are well built and sound like the amps/pedals/sounds they are modelled after.

A+++ all the way


I have a fish factory and it truely is a great pedal .. the clips are good but you can get so much more out of the box than the clips give you...thumbs up for menatone in my book


I have a KOTB new version and I think it's one of the best high gain pedals available today. I also like the Peasure Trem, a very good tremolo with many options.


Yeah, the Pleasure Trem 5000 is a killer trem. I was never really into tremolo, but thought I'd be happy with a cheaper trem pedal just to add the effect to my arsenal. Got what I though would suffice, soon figured I'd made a mistake. Started looking, borrowed the P T 5000 from my local dealer, got majorly hooked. Now I use tremolo quite a bit.


How is the Howie pedal? I keep thinking on getting one and running it into a Marshall Plexi-type (set for good headroom) and be able to cop both tones with one setup.


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I can’t remember how many menatones I’ve owned over the years but it’s at least 30. I am a fan.


He's one of those builders where I wish that I could collect them all. I've been using a 7 knob kotb for many years at the end of my chain, and I also just love to leave the boost side turned down low and always on as it seems to make everything before it sound better, especially fuzzes. His 18V mkiii pedals that he was making a few years ago are really special; I'm currently using a workingman's blue and find the push knob to be extremely useful for dialing in the character of the pedal. I also like to use the eq of his dirty blonde to shape my Marshall to have more of a chimey fender clean spank. The dirty blonde also allows you to adjust the compression characteristics of the pedal which really widens the tonal options of a Marshall.

I was using a blue collar for a while but ended up going back to the green rhino as I found that I wanted more honk and compression, where the blue collar was much more open and less compressed. I have always wanted to own a red snapper but for some reason it has eluded me. I had an mkiii for a day but I bought it used and someone had clearly run 18v through it as the charge pump was broken and emitted a high pitched squeal so I reluctantly returned it. I need to bite the bullet and buy another one as I liked it so much I almost kept it even with the whine it produced. If you buy an mkiii never run more than 9v through it as the pedal doubles the voltage internally.


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Oh, we’re doing this?


Holy 14 yo thread Batman.

But yes, I dig Brian's stuff too and still own several big boxes.
I just grabbed the last of the MK3 series, a Red Snapper MK3, last week. So that’s:

• Red Snapper
• Blue Collar
• Thundering Revival
• None More Black
• Workingman’s Blue
• King of the Britains
• Top Boost in a Can
• Wreck’t
• Dirty B a MK3-looking Chawbox made with the same mojo components.

(I have a few other Menatones too.. They’re phenomenal!)
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My favorites (no real order)...

Big Box Dirty Blonde
Mk 3 WMB
Custom Shop Menawatt
Big Box Howie
Big Box Vos
MXR-sized Ms. Foxy Brown
small box None More Black (want to try the Mk. 3)

The PoPo/Law is a really cool take on an Si-Fuzz Face.

I haven't tried the Bender, Hindenberg, Simplexity, or his Bosstone-derivative.


I have a 4-knob Red Snapper and 4-knob Blue Collar. They are in and out of rotation of OD pedals I use. I like both pedals. The sustain on the BC is great and it has a lot of gain on tap. I would've loved a big box of each RS and BC when he did the anniversary pedals.

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