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Sold ***** Meris Polymoon $269, Diamond Halo chorus $169 *****


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Meris Polymoon. Mint in box. TRADED

Origin Effects RevivalDrive compact. Mint in the box. $289 SOLD

Diamond Halo chorus. 9.7/10 condition. Works perfectly with no issues. Amazing chorus and full stereo! Comes with Original power supply. $169 shipped

Himmelstrutz Mr. Nutcracker compressor/boost/eq pedal. Mint and has dual lock on bottom. Very nice super transparent compressor and is capable of eq and boost functions. Serial #005. $135 shipped SOLD

Himmelstrutz Gekko delay pedal in 9.7/10 condition with no issues at all. Serial #009. $139 shipped. SOLD

Digitech Nautila SOLD

I accept PayPal (if you cover the fee), Venmo, Cash app, Check and money order.

The only trades I’ll accept (+/- cash) would be a Himmelstrutz Fetto Nord+, Earthquaker Palisades v2, Thorpy pedals: Bunker, Heavy Water, Team Medic. Mr Black mini reverb.
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