Merle Haggard's Dumble


Too cool not to mention! My buddy in Seattle said he was going to walk down there and check it out on his lunch break..

1978 Dumble Dumbleland Special

  • Year: 1978
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Serial Number: 8
  • Watts: 150 watts
1978 Dumble Dumbleland Special
1978 Dumble Dumbleland Special. This is the real deal folks! A rare beauty that we are very excited to have here in our shop at Emerald City Guitars! Serial #8 of 10 of this model, rumored to have been originally built for Merle Haggard. This beast of an amp boasts 150 watts of power from a quartet of 6550 tubes and delivers big, glassy, hi-fi cleans and a crunchy, dynamic breakup. Massive transformers contribute to the Dumbleland Special’s huge sound with an attack that hits you in the chest like a ton of bricks. This amp is extremely articulate and responsive with unmatched clarity at any volume level. The 3-band EQ, plus high and low filters along with “Bright”, “Deep”, “Rock”, and “Accent” boost switches give you nearly limitless control over tone. The Dumbleland Special is and incredible, high powered masterpiece with an unrivaled sound! Includes custom flight case.



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Awesome. Would LOVE to play that amp. Just from the control panel it looks like kind of a melding of an ODS and a SSS. Pretty early on in his career too, wasn't it?


Ahh... Emerald City Guitars. That is a pretty cool little shop with a lot of nice vintage gear.

I didn't say it was cheap, just nice.

I found the staff very friendly and they were more than happy to let me test drive some of the $4-7k acoustics they had at the time. I was taking a break from electric at the moment so I didn't try anything in that side of the store but there were plenty of beautiful old Teles and Les Pauls to drool over.

I bought a T-Shirt just because they were so accommodating and friendly.

Tomm Williams

Huh..... Haggard is one of the last people I would guess would be using a Dumble. Not knocking the man, he was an enormous success but...... A Dumble to play "Momma Tried"?
Kind of like using a 59 sunburst to play Louie Louie but what the hell, I'd do the same.


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Pretty early on in his career too, wasn't it?

Must be. Don't know about many HAD amps built before that mid/to late 70s period.

I also had know idea Merle would have had a Dumble built for him. Maybe it's just me, but I don't necessarily connect Merle and his music with the sound of a Dumble.


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That amp looks crazy great, a lucky soul will get it, not me :)


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"rumored to have been originally built for Merle Haggard". Doesn't claim he ever owned or used that particular amp. :dunno
So if this is a made up story, seems like an odd choice for a celebrity connection to a collectible amp.

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