Mesa 3/4 1X12 vs Two Rock 1X12


Hello, i'm currently looking at 1X12s and have stopped on these two cabs (readily available here in Europe). I'm looking for quality of construction, and a cab that will sound big for its size. By the way, the amp on top will be "d" style amp.

I have a preference for open back designs, but I also like the punchy quality in closed back cabs. That's why the 3/4 on the mesa wide body is intriguing. I've owned the C90 speaker before (which is great) but have not owned a Mesa cab or amp before, so built quality wise it's a bit of an unknown.

Given the amp that the cab will be sitting below, the Two Rock cab obviously looks like it could fit the bill. I've owned a couple Fuchs cabs (1X12 and 2X12) before, which are similar in construction and dimension, and liked them a lot. So i doubt I'd be going out on a limb with the TR.

Playing both side by side with the same amp and guitar is not possible, so has anyone tried both and could give a quick review/comparison? Thanks a lot.

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