Mesa 4x12 metal grill...


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Always eyed one of these guys...
Found one for 400, wondering if y'all think it's worth it? Can't seem to find these very often, but there is a couple small tears in leather...
What say ye?


I browse Craigslist gear offerings a couple times a week. 400 is about the most a 4x12 is worth if you don't want to fish too long for a sale. You probably won't lose money in today's market, but I've seen Mesa 4x12s as low as 300 on my local Craigslist.


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Yeppers, but has the actual back to close completely

Regardless of how many covers you have, these cabs usually have the top separated from the bottom, so it's not fully open inside like most 4x12's are. That being said, they are good cabs and are built like a brick sh#thouse. I gigged one for several years. $400 is a decent price if it's in good shape.


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Love my Mesa metal grill 412. I have both sections closed and mc90s on the top and evm12ls in the bottom. Super heavy cab, but sounds great with a wide variety of amps. It's great to be able to open up a section when you want. I mainly use mine with a Mesa mark Iva, where I like r2 and lead best with both sections closed. R1 I like better with the top open.

As far as price, $400 is a pretty good deal, I paid a bit more for mine.

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