Sold Mesa Boogie TA-15

Discussion in 'Amps & Cabs Emporium Archive' started by SonomaWino, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. SonomaWino

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Up for sale or trade: Great condition with no issues. Footswitch and cover included.

    I'm looking for a guitar in trade. I love Teles, Les Pauls, P90s, and everything in between. No shredders or acoustics. Toss me an offer. I'm heavy in amps at the moment and looking for something different in a guitar.

    $625 shipped CONUS. Trade value a bit higher.

    From Mesa:

    Multi-Watt™, Channel Assignable Power Amp (Patent 7,602,927) featuring Duo-Class™ (Patent 7,173,488) and Dyna-Watt™ (Patent 4,713,624) technologies providing three power and operating class options that are channel assignable via independent 5/15/25 Watt Power Switches: Choose 1 power tube operating in pure Class A Single-Ended, producing 5 Watts - 2 tubes operating in pure Class A Push-Pull, producing 15 Watts or 2 tubes operating in Mesa’s Patented Dyna-Watt™ Power that maximizes the power and punch of time-honored Class A/B power / 2xEL-84 & 4x12AX7

    • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
    • 2 Fully Independent Channels with 5 Stylest Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (5/15/25 Watt), Volume (gain) Modes -Channel 1 features Normal (Brit Clean) or Top Boo, Treble, Bass, Cut w/Pull Master - Channel 2 features Tweed, Hi 1 (Brit Gain) & Hi 2 (Fat Gain) Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (5/15/25 Watt), Gain, Treble, Bass & Master
    • 1 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2)
    • Padded Gig Bag w/Strap


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