Mesa C90 in a closed back cab, opinions?

I'm considering putting a Mesa C90 in a closed back non-ported Orange PPC112. Does this speaker sound 'dead' in a closed back cab? Mesa seem to use them only in front ported closed back cabs...
I'm looking for a little fuzz taming with Mark and Stiletto series amps.


I didn't have exactly that combo, but I do have a Mesa C90 in the more recent Mesa 1x12 Thiele wide cab. It's a great cab which has worked for most of my amps (mesa MkV, roadster, DrZ Maz38, Fender Supersonic22) with the noticeable exception of Marshalls (too bright).

I also previously had an Orange PPC112 with a V30. It was a surprisingly lively cab which sounded very big. I would have kept it if it weren't orange colored. If I find one in black, I would buy it again.
The Orange is an impressive cab... Not at all boxy... Projects well and seems to tolerate speaker changes well... I've tried both the V30 and H30 with good results. I'm just not familiar with the C90 in a closed back cab.
Interesting that the Mesa wide body front ported C90 was too bright with your Marshall heads...

Al Rose

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I have a C90 in a closed back Lopoline oversized cabinet and it does not sound "dead". Nice presence, good low end.


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