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I was a little interested in these when they were introduced. Lots of buzz and great reviews. They kind of fell under my radar as I've been on a 30 watt class A kick for some time.
I came across a deal on one locally a few days ago and decided to move on it. It worked out really well since I was able to trade a few pedals off that were just collecting dust.

My initial impression was Wow! This thing sounds good, even sounds great at low volumes. Last night I got to play it with the band. Double Wow! What a great variety of tones in the mix. I only used the clean channel last night with pedals in front because I haven't had time to mess with the loop yet.
Les Paul standard-cry baby-tuner-ts808-barber direct drive and finally a boss re20 space echo. If my rythym tone wasn't amazing enough my lead tone was jaw dropping. This amp could easily take the number one spot.
The only thing I don't like is the weight. It is one heavy combo. I may try to find a shorty headcab for it to save my back.

Here she is


The the ED is a beast. Huge cleans. Very similar to the Royal Atlantic. I think many view the RA as the evolution of the ED. Only thing I didn't like about the ED is the shared EQ and gain between 3 modes - made it near impossible to go without pedals.

But if you have a couple drive boxes in front of the clean channel I'm not sure if I can think of a better platform.


Welcome to the club.
I've had 3 EDs. A 2x12 combo, a shorty head and the one I will never get
rid of is my 1x12 combo.




***edited to add.....this amp sounds AMAZING thru 4 greenbacks with the master volume at noon or 1 o'clock :aok. Just sayin'.
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Congrats! Had a widebody 1x12 but sold it. My back rebelled! Loved it, though; my favorite Mesa ever. Just an FYI, the red mode with the gain lowered (experiment with this) can coax out some nice Voxey tones. And yes, it takes pedals like a champ!

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