Mesa eq pedal with non GEQ Mesa amp?


Has anyone tried this pedal ion their Mesa amp that doesn't have a g-eq? How did it work out?

I have a Subway Blues and an Express Plus and like what I can do with the Express. Curious how the pedals would work for something like that. It seems like a Flux Five wouldn't work out as well since then the eq is before the preamp where on a Mesa amp with g-eq it comes after the preamp. And in the manual they say this is particularly good for dialing in bass since overloading the bass knob makes the speaker go flubby.

Just curious who's tried what and how it worked.


Use it in your FX loop and it should work just like the Express. You can even use the loop Mix knob to blend how much EQ you want in the signal.


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I've thought about getting one if these so I can use the Mark I setting in channel 2 of my Mark V and still use the onboard EQ for channels 1 & 3 ( which are set up pretty similar).

The Mark I mode gas to be setup so different on the EQ from all the other modes that I can't use it with the EQ and the other channels unless I have something like this.

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