Mesa Lone Star Classic vs Express 5 50+ vs Mark V for clean tones


This is close to the tone that I like:

At low volume, will I notice any difference between these three amps?

I'm going to buy a head only, and run it thru a MojoTone slanted baffle 1x12 cabinet with a 90watt 12" Celestion Alnico Cream speaker.

I only care about comparing the clean tones between these amps at low volume, not the overdrive or distortion tones, or playing loud. I can afford to buy any of them, so money is not an issue.

Unfortunately, the only Mesa dealer anywhere near me has a 5 50+, and a Mark V, but never has any Lone Star Classics in stock.


Having played all these, the tones are different but not miles and miles apart. The LS is "fenderish" and can be great clean but loves to be pushed. It is a blues amp at heart, hence its name, but well enough designed to handle other chores with pedals.

The express clean has a slightly tighter clean vibe and nicely handles pedals, too. The express amp is designed to put a nice array of mesa sounds from clean to hot rock/fusion lead all at your fingertips.

As far as lower volume, I think the express' option to duck down to five watts will be better sonically.

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