Mesa Mark I Love Thread...

Hey all,
Just listened again to Eric Johnson's 1978 Album "Seven Worlds" and fell in love again with the Mark I! (It doesn't help either that I was watching the Mahavishnu Orchestra (Montreaux '74) DVD with JML playing two Mark I's!) EJ's Boogie rig AFAIK, is an early PTP 100w head into an 8 ohm Marshall 4x12 with G12-80's. FWIW, a Fender Reverb tank he hung off the back of the cabinet was used in the loop too!

So I'm gassing for Mark I's! Princeton Reverb conversions (old school :AOK), Vintage PTP/PCB, Reissues...


Thanks all!


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I'll have to get a picture of my new baby soon... '76 blonde Mark I w/reverb/eq/JBL. I think this may already be my favorite amp I've ever owned.


Listening to EJ's "Seven Worlds" album right now. Beautiful cleans and creamy lead tones!

Did he use his 335 for this album?
Hey All,

Kludge: I'd love to see pics of your '76 Mark I!

Cussion: Yeah, the 335 is all over this album!

Tweedboy: Maybe some pics of your turquoise(!) Mark I head :love::love::love:?

Thanks so much guys,

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