Mesa Mark V Ch.1 Feedback Issue


Hey all,

Wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue before ...

CH. 1 Tweed, Normal Mode, Gain all the way up, with or without any input signal being applied.
When sweeping the mid knob the amp self-oscillates through a certain range.
Overall volume is set low, FX loop on/off makes no difference.

I took it into service, they checked tubes, cleaned the pots and said it was fixed ... took it home, same issue.
I spoke to Mesa service twice and they said it's either tubes (which were swapped and checked) or lead dress on the pot.

I'm going to take it back to service to replace the pot and see if that fixes it. Amp is still under warranty.

Here's the video of the issue, it's pretty self-explanatory:

Cheers, I.

Steppin' Wolfe

Silver Supporting Member
Ime and terminilogy, that is not feedback. That scratchy pot syndrome could be caused by a dirty pot, a bad pot, cold solder joints, or a bad cap in that circuit.

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