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Mesa Rectoverb 25 question


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I've got the new 1x12 combo in the house on approval Amp sounds fantastic in the clean and pushed settings. On the dirty channel I'm getting what I think is a bit too much buzz /white noise or hum at idle. With pre barely cracked open and master in the range of 10 to noon it's somewhat noisy. ES 335 with Burstbucker 1 and 2. Tele with single coils worse. If I set both pre and master at noon the noise gets pretty bad to me, but again the thing is also ripping loud at that point. I rolled a good 12ax7 thru v1, 2 and 3 with no change. Gave up on V4 because it was a little difficult for me to access. Popped in some new Mesa EL 84's and the clean channel went from slightly noisy to quiet enough so there was a mild improvement with new power tubes. Plugged in to different outlets and moved the amp around. No other things running on this circuit. This is the place I play other amps with no issues.

So I guess my question is to those that have played this amp how noisy was that second channel in your opinion with pre low and master at noon? Trying to figure out if this is just typical of the high gain side of the circuit, or if my expectations are unreasonable, or if more troubleshooting is needed. Smoking little amp!

snow and steel

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Dirty power?
Dimmer switches nearby?
Is your guitar properly/fully shielded?
everything grounded?
Try moving the amp to a complete different part of the house and see if its still there?

I'm not sure if its any of those but they are things to check when you get noises.


I have 2 mesas; Roadster and a Lonestar and both are dead quiet. Even the roadster on CH4 set to Modern. It seems odd.

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