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Mesa TA30... anyone use and reviews?


Silver Supporting Member
Played a TA30 combo in a store today at low volume and liked what I heard. I have no idea how it sounds loud.

Cleans sounded pretty good and the dirt sounded real good. If it sounded like this loud, it would be very nice.

But it has 6 12ax7s and 4 el84s... and lot of tubes equals maintenance cost. When the reverb switch was put on, you could hear the background noise level go up (not the fan).

I tried the 5:25 also. Liked the clean and crunch (on the same channel) but not the burn channel. But you cannot switch between the clean and crunch (have to do it manually).

Anyone try the TA30 and like/dislike?


i just got one of the ta-30 combos, and i'm loving it. it definately delivers the goods at gig volume. i don't find any noise when i turn on the reverb, but the effects loop is definately noisy. with all the options (power scaling, extra gain boost), this thing really covers a lot of ground. like all mesa amps, the tone controls are very interactive, and settings that i would never use sound really good on this amp.


i have the TA30 head, love the amp...can not stop plying it, some noise but not an issue for me...


The TA30 combo sound great at any volume, i've played it in rehersal volume, gig volume and in a really large-crowded church (miced) and the little guy stands for it. great amp IMO. mine is not noisie at all.

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