Mesa transatlantic TA30-212


Just bought a new mesa TA 30 212 amp. Mesa in Hollywood Ca.had the last one(demo)in super mint cond. This amp is amazing !! Pretty dam close to a Howard dumble. Would like to know if any one has this model and if they had any issues. This amp series has been discontinued for about (3) yrs.


Congrats on the amp! I'm a Mini Rec owner and general fan of most all things Mesa. Just one thing, though....
Pretty dam close to a Howard dumble.
Since you're fairly new here, I'm gonna let you know that a statement like that (actually any statement that includes the name "Dumble") has the potential to cause a ****storm of possibly epic magnitude. It's not your fault, though. It's just that for some people that kind of talk is tantamount to sacrilege. Using instead the term "D-style amp" tends to make fewer heads explode. Hang around here long enough, and you'll know what I'm talking about. :)


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There's lots of documented issues with a noisy reverb and loop circuit with the TA30, along with lots of documented ways to fix the problem.
I'm planning on picking one up this week and am torn between the head or a 2x12 combo.

BTW-Mesa discontinued them this year, not three years ago.

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