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Metal pedal question



I find myself in a situation where I have been offered a Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special - ex/demo - B-stock that meets almost all my amp requirements and sounds amazing for the Blues/Rock that I mainly play.

However, this is an expensive amp for me and will mean it is likely to be my only amp for a while. I do on occasions venture into some heavy metal - sort of Children of Bodom... style metal.

Are there pedals out there that can help me get that sort of tone using a pedal? Any suggestions what I should look into OR is the Lonestar never going to get me "that" metal tone?

Any advice?


seymour duncan mayhem

some bands use mesa recs with a metalzone and i really cant understand that... but i guess just using a slightly overdriven sound or whatever in your amp and pushing it up with a tubescreamer or a dist pedal will do the job for you...

in all honestly i dont dig their tone cause its usually too scooped.. and that means... you can use an eq to lower the mids and achieve that tone

hope it helps

the mayhem is pretty epic.. 230 american dollars... ish... at least in america haha


If you want "a" metal sound, almost anything that adds enough gain will do it. If you want "that" ugly sound, you may need a specific pedal.

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