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MG Alien Booster

todd richman

Senior Member
I was told about this pedal a few years ago by Daniel at The GigRig-it looks really good and is supposedly a top T-Booster. Anybody have one and care to share thoughts on it would be much appreciated. Also, where can I purchase one? Pedalgeek.com is an MG dealer but is out of stock.

In Tune

:AOK No Problemo!,,, His stuff seems to go under the radar since his stuff is not always easy to get.....Totally cool stuff......:dude


I have the MG Crunsh, AlienBooster,MgMuffFeliz, and a Thats Echo Folks. They're all really quality sounding pedals and I wouldn't part with them under any cicumstances (still under the radar yet always sold out hmm????) Marcelo does wonderful work and has a good ear for good tone.
As for the alien... She's a true rangemaster type TB. Just turn the knob and add enough top end grind until your amp can't take anymore. (it can go beyond) Mine is the earlier single knob version, and it sounds amazing into low-wattage combos.
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Paulo Grua

I have a The Drive and a Alien Booster. Both are great sounding pedals, well built and with the coolest visual.

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